Donald Store
Area of operations

The area of operation as described in the Memorandum of Our Non-Government Organization (Divyanka Charitable Trus) is working various developments and research works all over India. Our Society is most focus in state of Bihar.

Scope of Services

  • conceptual Background preparation on rural Development , heal & family Welfare Human Resource Development, women and child Development agriculture and Ailed, Industries promotion Disaster Management, Youth Affairs ,Cultural Development, Tourism Promotion ,Human Rights, peace & co- operation ,Self Help Group (SHG) formation & Management , child labour & Street rehabilitation etc.
  • Survey, identification: analysis assessment and Database Management System Installation.
  • Preparation of Project feasibility Report with socio-techno and financial analysis. Planning workshop analysis.
  • Concept paper formulation
  • Training programme organizing
  • Documentation workshop
  • Information research and information dissemination
  • Analysis Monitoring, Supervision and follow –up
  • Collaboration and joint venture
  • International financial Management