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Has long and glorious history

After observing various problems, we the people decided to setup a voluntary organization that will be advocate for the protection of human rights issues. Divyanka Charitable Trust was established in 2022-23 and initiated its work with focus to serve the marginalized & deprive section through various interventions at different level in coordination with public, private & community based agencies. We have undertaken man Appreciable works in the education, safe drinking water and sanitation, primary health care, environment etc. we always involve in local people in planning design, implementation and evaluation, we always involve in Local people , minorities dalit, women should get the entitlements of socio –economic, Political and cultural rights. The organizations Divyanka Charitable Trust By meetings of youths ,landless, intellectuals , farmers migrants for solving the problems of Rural poor , farmers and landless person, form the very inception we stressed on development of women and child in terms of educations, health ,employment training rights mode etc. Firstly we indentified the rural youths and volunteers for mobilization the rural people and Women in the active participation of rural development process.

The organization is a non – profit making registered voluntary organization working for the cause of downtrodden and suppressed people. It is registered under society Registration Act.XXI, 1860.

We have undertaken various development interventions in the areas drinking water, low cost toilets, excavation of ahars, pains, environment education, small family normal and spacing Methods. Adult education center, Family counseling center in Bihar State.

Presently thousands of people are associated with our mission and take part in decision making process during planning process, design and monitoring and evolution for greater transparency and smooth implementation of the project.

Our approach of field operation is participatory mechanism, we stress on the principal of self help action.

The active involvement of board members as well as general members in the implementation of the programs has further contributed to the development of the organization, however Inability to fully mobilize the potential of many other members has been seen as a weakness of the organizations has been in the field of education through its several educations Programme/activities since, the society believers strongly that it is through education the details and other weaker selections can come to grips with their own rights and claim it Legitimately.

We have been successfully in our efforts to make the people aware of their rights.

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